Developer's Comments -- I probably don't need to tell you that this is a very early work-in-progress; one look at the game and it should be quite obvious! However, I am developing this game with the intent of releasing a finished and well-polished version, though it may be relatively short. This is my first game and is largely an experiment - a practice round, you could say, for a more robust original game I intend to begin working on this year.

Core Development Goals

  • Design 5 complete levels
  • Implement a more thematically appropriate soundtrack
  • Implement sound effects
  • Fine-tune the game physics
  • Fine-tune the paddle's shape and function

Secondary Development Goals (Tentative)

  • Add 1 or 2 new mechanics not mentioned in the course (i.e, powerups, different types of blocks, ...)
  • Overhaul then polish the game's rough visual design

Game Publication Goals

  • Flesh out the game's profile
  • Establish a dev notes routine
  • Establish a structure for releasing patch notes
  • Create and attach a Patreon account
  • Learn about and apply the appropriate licenses

Origins of the Game -- I'm currently working through Ben Tristem's Complete C# Unity Developer (v1.0) course on Udemy. This is the "Brick Breaker" project (the 4th project of the course) and the first non-text-based game I've created. All assets used in the game thus far have been created by myself with the exception of the current temporary soundtrack. All scripts were written by myself, many of which are minor or major modifications of code provided in Ben Tristem's course.

Donations and Future Plans -- At the moment, I have no expectation for financial contributions for this game. However, if you wish to support me in my development aspirations, keep an eye out for my future projects. I have dozens of pages of notes about a survival-genre game for which I hope to begin development sometime within the next couple months as I finish up Ben Tristem's course (mentioned above).
That said, if you are, somehow, greatly inspired by my rather rudimental Arkanoid-like game and are determined to donate, any amount would be greatly appreciated and will be put directly towards future development.

Feedback -- Please, feel free to give honest critiques of my work thus far! What does the game do well? Where does it fall short? Any suggestions for additional content? Be blunt, sincere, and non-toxic!